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Record of Pity Fragrance and Cherish Jade

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Wan Suzhen turned away without waiting for him to finish. The man quickly climbed up from the pool, regardless of the wet body, waved and shouted: "ah!"! Girl, don't go! Wait for me! Take me with you! Wan Suzhen didn't want to talk to the thief at all. She got on her horse, clamped her legs, and walked away, leaving the man's shouts behind. But three days later, she regretted it. She didn't know the way at all. After walking for so long, she always had a feeling of going around in circles. If she didn't go out of the woods to find an inn to bathe in, she felt that she would soon become a stinky fish. If I had known, I should have at least asked the man how to get out of the woods. The water in the kettle ran out again, but she could no longer find the pond. It was getting late. Wan Suzhen sat on the ground silently and poked the fire with a branch. She had eaten enough tasteless roast tits, roast rabbits and roast frogs. No matter how much she didn't want to admit it, her growling stomach and burning throat made her miss life in Wanjiazhuang. She even began to miss the big copper pot filled with rough tea in the servant's room. If the big copper pot was placed in front of her now, she would not hesitate to drink it up. Just as he was thinking about it, he heard footsteps coming from behind. Wan Suzhen looked back hurriedly, but saw the young man in red smiling and raising his hand to greet her, "Yo!"! What a coincidence! Girl, we are really predestined. This kind of fate must not be wasted. Shall we go together? She made a gesture to get the broadsword, but the man was so frightened that he jumped up and stepped back. "Don't fight, don't fight," he shouted! A gentleman speaks but does not act! Wan Suzhen did not really want to fight with him, she sat back,collapsible bulk container, bowed her head and silently stirred the fire, also did not speak. The man was stunned for a moment, then sat down tentatively, and when he saw that Wan Suzhen did not respond, he approached a little more ingratiatingly, and was frightened to retreat again by her cold glance. Time seemed to stagnate, no one spoke, no one moved, only the fire crackled and burned,stackable plastic pallets, bringing a little warmth and light to this slightly cold spring night. I do not know how long, suddenly from somewhere came a strange sound, cooing, the man suddenly looked up, but saw Wan Suzhen's face slightly red, but she pretended to be serious and turned away, pretending not to know. The man laughed and took out the canteen and the dry food from his pocket. Wan Suzhen thought he was going to hand it over to her, but she was determined not to take it, but he ate it without saying a word, and at the same time he made a vague sigh, as if the two cold and hard steamed buns in his hands were dragon liver and phoenix marrow. She couldn't help losing her temper, but there was no reason for it. It was other people's food, and it was not her turn to be angry at all. She sat sullenly for a while, feeling uncomfortable all over, full of anger, hungry and dry, plastic pallet supplier ,collapsible pallet box, and watching a man eat and drink in front of her. She suddenly stood up and turned to walk away. Seeing that she was angry, the man hurried to catch up with her. He pulled her sleeve and said with a smile, "Don't be angry. I can see that you are a young lady. You must not be used to this rough thing." Wan Suzhen shook off his hand and was about to leave proudly, but her stomach cried out again, and she felt that she had lost all her life's face and was extremely embarrassed. The man pulled her with a smile, took out a small box from his bosom, opened it gently, and it turned out to be the most famous Yuchenzhai snack in the West Mirror, which was delicate and fresh, and gave out a sweet fragrance. Wan Suzhen stared at him warily and did not do anything. The man nodded clearly, grabbed a piece of chestnut paste, took a small bite, and then smiled at her, showing a mouthful of white and neat teeth. When Wan Suzhen saw that he was like this, he simply crossed his heart, grabbed a snack in one hand, stuffed it into his mouth, and almost choked. The man handed over the kettle, but she did not care much and drank half of it in one breath. It was not until he had eaten all the snacks and drunk most of the water that Wan Suzhen realized that he was in big trouble. I'm afraid she really can't get rid of this "prostitute thief". The man poked the fire and suddenly said, "My surname is Huo, and Huo Xingze.". Where's the girl? As the saying goes, one's hands are short and one's mouth is short. Wan Suzhen could no longer be reserved. He had to whisper, "Wan Suzhen.".
” Huo Xingze clapped his hands and said with a smile, "What a name!"! Plain color is true, plain color is true. I'll call you Suzhen from now on! "Don't call me that," said Wan Suzhen coldly. Huo Xingze met with a rebuff, and he was not annoyed, but sighed with an empty box of snacks, "Alas, the dry food for three days was gone all of a sudden.." Wan Suzhen blushed and said in a low voice, "No." You can't call it like that in front of people! I have nothing to do with you! Huo Xingze gave her a sweet smile, white teeth shining, "No problem, Suzhen!" Huo Xingze said he was going to Beituo Huashan to find something called Bikong Jianjue and asked her if she wanted to go with him. Wan Suzhen knew that even if he refused, this person would certainly use more means to lure her to go with him, rather than be fooled by him again, it would be better to agree to come down, anyway, she had no place to go. She decided in her heart that Huo Xingze was a "prostitute thief", and naturally she was very careful along the way, and did not give him a hair to touch, so although Huo Xingze always liked to do some small tricks, such as touching her hand while she was not paying attention, or intentionally or unintentionally hooking her waist, he was very angry when he did not succeed. But despite his anger, he insisted on going with her. Sometimes Wan Suzhen thought he had run away, but after a while he came back with a smile, as if nothing had happened, and she was not surprised in the dark. One day, when we arrived at Beituo, it was already very late. Wan Suzhen dragged his tired body into the inn. Unexpectedly, there were many people in the inn,wholesale plastic pallet, and she even saw a man walking through the hall with a pillow to the kitchen at the back! Seeing this, Huo Xingze could not help asking the shopkeeper: "Boss, do you still have a guest room?" The shopkeeper shook his head. "The guest room is gone. There are a lot of guests these two days. It's not the right time for the two guests to come."! Let's go somewhere else. 。
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